Winter Tips For Asphalt Maintenance

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You’ve made a significant investment in the asphalt on your driveway and parking lots. You don’t want to be replacing your pavement before it has reached a long service life. In order to get the best possible durability there are some important maintenance items to consider.

Winter is the season that causes the most problems for asphalt due to the freeze-thaw cycles that lead to cracks and potholes. That’s why it’s crucial to know how to maintain asphalt in the winter. What are some winter asphalt tips that will help you protect your investment? Read on to find out!

Remove The Snow

One of the best things you can do to protect your driveway, parking lot and walkways is to ensure snow and ice are removed promptly and thoroughly. Removing snow early will protect the pavement from potholes and cracks.

Use a plastic shovel—not a metal one—to avoid damaging the surface. If you’re hiring someone to help with snow removal, bring in a professional. They’ll make sure your driveway remains clear and won’t incur unnecessary damage.

Fix Those Cracks

Before winter hits, it’s a wise idea to have any cracks in the asphalt filled in. This is essential because those cracks will only get worse if you leave them during the winter.

This is when moisture fills the cracks, then freezes and expands, making the crack grow. This can ultimately breach the pavement’s foundation, leading to more costly repairs.

If your asphalt needs sealcoating, it’s better to do that now, before winter hits. This will provide the protection your driveway needs.

Fix Whatever Causes Standing Water

Standing water is liable to do long-term damage to your asphalt driveway or parking lot. This is often the result of depressions or indentations in the pavement due to pressure applied either by heavy-duty vehicles or machines.

In cases where standing water is left alone, the inevitable result is potholes, cracks and weak pavement. This will cause issues with the substrate beneath the surface, leading to the need for costly repairs.

Be Careful Which Deicing Products You Use

Getting rid of ice from your driveway is recommended. However, certain products like rock salt may lead to damage to the asphalt. To avoid worsening damage to the driveway, consider safe de-icing options such as potassium chloride.

Remove Litter & Debris

It’s advised to remove debris like leaves and dirt from the asphalt all year round, but this is particularly important during the winter. That’s because the debris may become trapped under ice and adhere to the surface. A professional asphalt maintenance expert can help keep your asphalt clear and perform regular inspections throughout the year to avoid any potential issues.

We hope these winter asphalt tips are helpful for protecting your investment. At ARM Pavement Services, we offer the highest quality paving and pavement maintenance services to our customers. Contact us today to learn more and receive an estimate for your next project.