Protect Your Pavement With Fall Maintenance

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September has arrived, and with it, a window of time to prepare your paved surfaces for the upcoming winter months. As you are already aware, winters can be brutal in Michigan, and the cold air, frost, and frozen precipitation can cause many issues for your pavement. Here is an overview of some necessary fall maintenance steps to protect your pavement as winter approaches.

Clean Up

Whatever is on your pavement that doesn’t need to be there, clean it up. This includes litter, debris, dirt, leaves, auto fluids, and any other mess. If possible, a thorough power washing is the best approach before the weather becomes too cold.

Edge Protection

Protect the edges of your pavement by performing proper edging. This protects your pavement from damage from grasses and other plants. The roots of plants can break through at the edges of your pavement, giving water a pathway to penetrate and freeze, which will cause larger cracks.

Crack Filling

Thoroughly inspect your pavement for crumbling, chips and cracks. Even a small crack can lead to larger issues in the future. Water penetrates these cracks and will freeze during the cold overnight hours and the expansion as the water turns to ice will enlarge the crack and could lead to potholes. Fill the cracks before the winter weather arrives.

Puddles & Pools

If you have areas of near constant puddles, or water pooling, this is highly suggestive of uneven pavement and potential problems with the sublayers underneath your paved surface. Pooling water is a major factor in the creation of potholes, and also can be a slip, trip, and fall hazard when puddles freeze during icy conditions.

Trucks & Heavy Equipment

Any staionary large vehicles or heavy equipment on your paved should be moved for the winter season. This will keep the weight from compressing, puncturing, or otherwise damaging your pavement during the cold winter months when your pavement is most vulnerable.


Sealcoating to maintain your pavement is usually recommended every 2-3 years. This process not only enhances the appearance of your paved surfaces, it also protects the pavement from the bitterly cold temperatures and harsh reality of winter precipitation. More importantly, it makes your pavement more water resistant, which helps protect the base layers of your paved surface.


September means autumn has nearly arrived, which means winter is going to get here before you know it. Get your fall maintenance completed today and protect your pavement investment. Call ARM Pavement Services today!