A Few Words About Concrete

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We do a great deal of blog posts about asphalt surfaces. This means we are often posting articles about how to ensure the upkeep and cleanliness of asphalt, and answering common questions about seal coating and Asphalt patching and repair. However, if you are a parking lot owner or manager and you only think about asphalt, you are missing something of critical importance-concrete. A quick glance around your property will no doubt have you finding at least a few surfaces that are concrete. These could include parking bumpers, dumpster pads, retaining walls, and sidewalks. Repairs must be made differently than repairs to your asphalt paved surfaces. So, let’s talk about concrete. The well-being of your property very well could depend on it.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

No, I don’t mean the Ghostbusters. If you are in or around the Detroit metro area, call us at ARM Pavement Services! As a parking lot maintenance contractor, we provide services for multiple types of pavement! If you need concrete service, give us a call! Let us know when you’re ready to address those neglected concrete surfaces. We are ready with the specialized tools, and expertise to help.

What Are The Next Steps?

Maybe you are all on your own. No parking lot maintenance contractors have joined your team yet. Especially if you are new to owning or managing at parking lot, you probably need some guidance. At ARM Pavement Services, we are here for you! We always recommend that you start by simply walking your property with a notebook or your smart phone notes app in hand. This probably sounds ridiculously simplistic in this complex age, but our experience is that taking the time to see your concrete surfaces up close and personal is invaluable. Make a note of any cracks, and list those separately from crumbling areas. Take pictures of damage, or old parking bumpers that need to be replaced. Write down any areas that need attention on all your concrete surfaces. Once you have completed a thorough assessment of your concrete needs, give us a call!

When Should I Repair?

The obvious answer is as soon as possible! However, we understand that scheduling and budgetary constraints are very real. When making decisions regarding the priority of repairs, we would advocate for using “safety first” as the primary guiding principle. Start by repairing areas that could cause a patron to stumble and fall. You might then move on to replacing parking bumpers that no longer serve their intended purpose of protecting cars, pedestrians, and buildings. Then perhaps address any cracks in your loading areas that could cause damage to a loader or trucks, or contribute to accidents. Aesthetic preferences are the last consideration on the list. This is where you can not only repair or replace what is present, but also employ some creativity to improve the appearance of your facility! Don’t be afraid to explore making substantive changes to the appearance of your facility’s concrete infrastructure if it will measurably improve the appearance of your property. Repairs, first and foremost are about safety and long term sustainability of your concrete, but while making repairs you should also consider what will improve the overall look and feel of your property.

Work with us-a concrete contractor who shares your vision for a safe and beautiful property. Make a point to keep an eye on your concrete surfaces regularly. Remember to prioritize safety first when making repairs. When it comes to your parking lot, your concrete surfaces are important. Be sure you give them the attention they deserve.