Summer & Your Pavement

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Contrary to popular belief, summer heat and the sun’s UV rays can be just as damaging to asphalt pavement as winter elements, albeit in different ways. Particularly in the middle of July when peak temperatures are at their maximum, blacktops tend to attract and hold a lot of heat. In the summer, asphalt surfaces might resemble scorching coals. It eventually turns dry and brittle, which might result in some weak points as well as surface and subsurface damages brought on by a combination of heat and continuous use.

Here are some excellent suggestions to help your asphalt pavement survive this summer’s heat.

Check Over Your Pavement

Significant pavement damage doesn’t often begin that way. They initially appear as little cracks, but as time passes and more cars drive over them, they enlarge as they accumulate water and debris. This is why it’s crucial to set aside some time at least once a week to thoroughly check your asphalt surface for little defects. Small damages can be repaired as soon as they are discovered, which will stop them from growing larger and costing more money to remedy later.

You should get this done by a reliable commercial paving firm in your region if you don’t have the time or resources to do it yourself.

Sweep Regularly

Minor and serious damages can be avoided by maintaining a clean asphalt pavement that is free of organic matter and inorganic particles. It can help extend the life of your asphalt pavement in addition to improving the appearance and curb appeal of your home.

It’s possible for loose debris to drift across your parking lot, get sucked into your catch basin, or get continuously stepped on and driven over to the point where it becomes ingrained into the pavement. Your asphalt will not do well in any circumstance. The combination of crushed debris and the sun’s heat, which is already making your asphalt brittle, can cause the asphalt to crack and cause significant structural damage.

Maintain & Repair

To prevent problems with asphalt pavement from escalating and becoming more expensive over time, be sure to spot them and fix them right away. In the summer, take the time to repaint your parking lot, fill in cracks and potholes, remove oil stains, and fill in other imperfections.

Control Water Pooling

Pooling water can harm your asphalt pavement in the same way that litter can. Your parking lot’s asphalt may degrade over time if water pools in some areas. It may also be a sign of a far more serious issue. If there are any pools of water, your catch basin may be broken or blocked. In some places with dips and depressions that collect water, it might also be a sign of shoddy asphalt construction.
Implement vehicle size and weight restrictions in commercial parking areas

Smaller cars like SUVs, sedans, motorcycles, or vans are the only kind of vehicles that some business parking spaces are designed to support. The asphalt substrate may buckle in some places under the load of large transport and delivery trucks that weigh much more than these vehicles. A rigorous vehicle weight and size limit should be put in place if your parking lot is primarily intended for business use to minimize damage from larger vehicles.

Hire Experts

There is no longer a need for you to look for “commercial paving contractors near me” or “commercial asphalt paving companies near me.” This summer, put your trust in the asphalt professionals to take good care of your asphalt parking lot. Call us right away!