Is It Time To Re-stripe Your Paved Surfaces?

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Stripes and other traffic markings in your parking lots that are crisp and clear is one of the most immediately reliable ways to give a fresh appearance to your paved surfaces. If you are not sure whether fresh parking lot striping is the best move to help you meet your aesthetic objectives, here are three good indicators that it may be time to refresh your traffic markings and lot striping.

Haphazard Driving Or Parking

When parking lines aren’t available at all or are faded enough to be hard to see, haphazard driving and parking are the likely result. What’s worse, visitors might be reluctant to use or park at your lot at all since the traffic and parking parameters are unclear. They might reasonably fear that other drivers might hit their vehicle. I would also add that if they’re unsure how to enter or exit the parking area, the chances are good they’ll choose to drive on by instead.

Heat & Sunshine

While it’s generally good for people to take in some sunshine, uncovered parking lots take the brunt of the summer heat and the ultraviolet rays of the sun all year long. When you combine the harsh summer elements with significant amounts of heavy vehicle traffic, you can imagine the amount of abuse that your parking lot surface and striping endure annually. We strongly recommend that you should evaluate the condition of your lot every spring. By taking this simple step of inspecting the condition of your lot, you get the opportunity to address any potential issues such as cracks, potholes, faded striping, or other damage before the busiest season gets underway.

It Has Been A While

If you can’t remember when last you striped your parking lot, applying a fresh coat of stripes is a straightforward way to greatly improve the visual appeal of your lot. A parking lot with hardly visible lines will likely not meet local safety codes or standards, which can make you vulnerable to fines, penalties, or worse, lawsuits.

Refresh Your Parking Lot

Maintaining a safe parking lot is an absolute necessity, and as such is not optional. As the property manager or lot owner, you must put the safety and well being of pedestrians and motorists first. Additional investments such as fresh signage, new curbs, speed bumps, efficient lighting, column protectors, bollards, and guards will all help increase your lot’s appeal and safety. Unsurprisingly, a clean, and appealing parking area can increase sales and drive foot traffic to your facility.

No matter what your needs are, working with a professional parking lot striping company like ARM Pavement Services will help to get your parking areas ready to handle your traffic needs.

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